Extend the Control and Dynamic Range of
Your HDR and Panoramic images!

For HDR and panorama shooters looking for a specially priced package consisting of a powerful remote camera hardware and HDR software bundle, here is the Promote Control/HDR Expose 3 bundle. This package provides extended camera control and features coupled with the powerful processing of 32-bit BeyondRGB color technology and tonemapping capabilities to extend the dynamic range of your landscape and architectual images for amazing results – and with a significant price savings on the separate products.


  • HDR Bracketing (2 – 45 exposures)
    • 1/8000 sec to several hours
    • Automatic bulb mode – Single HDR Brackets
    • Time-Lapse HDR Brackets
    • Focus-Stacked HDR Brackets
    • Mirror Lock-Up Mode
  • Can be paired with motorized panoramic heads
  • Multiple camera simultaneous control for stereoscopic HDR
  • Long exposure Noise Reduction
  • Remote Control of Nikon and Canon DSLRs
  • Greatly extend your camera’s built-in capabilities
  • View the demo video

Note: some features based on camera compatibility –
check http://www.promote-control.com/compatibility for further details


  • Powerful 32-bit HDR Image Processing
  • Panorama HDR Batch Processing Mode
  • Unified Color’s patented BeyondRGB™ color technology
  • SophisticatedTone Mapping algorithms
  • Fast merge, alignment and deghosting
  • Ships with Lightroom and Aperature plugins

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