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HDR Express 3

Standalone application plus Lightroom and Aperture plug-ins


HDR Expose 3.1

Standalone application plus Lightroom and Aperture plug-ins


32 Float v3

Photoshop plug-in only re­quires Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6


Combo Suite 3

HDR Expose3
32 Float v3
in one suite


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32-bit Beyond RGB Color Editing
HDR Brightness/Output range Histogram
Gamma-Brightness Control
Adaptive Tone Mapping Technology
Automatic Halo Elimination
Auto Tone Mapping Presets
Exposure Control
Shadow and Highlight Recovery
Color Neutral Black Point Adjustment
Detail-Local Contrast Adjustment
Zone Contrast Adjustment No
3rd Generation HDR Merge Auto Alignment and Deghosting via Photoshop
Manual Alignment and Deghosting No No
Veiling Glare Correction No
Editing and Interface
RGB/Bch readout
Display Brightness Setting No
32-bit Color Neutral Dodge and Burn No
White Balance Simplified
Multi-Channel Saturation Controls No
Selective Color Tuning-Brightness Controls No
Noise Removal No
Fixed/Free Rotate No via Photoshop
Resize No via Photoshop
Crop No via Photoshop
Pano Prep Batch Processing No
Batch Merge to HDR No via Photoshop
Editable Recipies
Aperture Merge & Edit Plug-in n/a
Lightroom Merge & Export Plug-in n/a
Multiple images open at once (tabbed document interface) n/a
File Management
Input File Types RAW, JPEG, TIFF, BEF via Photoshop
Input File Types Radience, OpenEXR No via Photoshop
Includes .bef File Format Plug-in For Photoshop No