“At Fairchild Imaging, we have been very impressed with the Denali-MC ISP state of the art locally adaptive tone mapping (LATM) functionality. I’ve seen first-hand how they can make a great sensor perform even better in its native WDR mode. Camera manufacturers will benefit from this technology, which provides high quality HDR functionality without requiring companion chips or additional hardware cost to support the algorithms.”Vern Klein
Director of Sales & Marketing
Fairchild Imaging
Pinnacle Imaging Systems offers numerous, affordable Denali-MC HDR ISP licensing options for your camera development projects. Pinnacle’s Denali-MC can be utilized as a full, camera-ready, end-to-end HDR ISP, which contains 3 primary IP blocks, each providing individualized functionality. Two of these three blocks can be licensed as individual IP or the full HDR ISP can be licensed. The individual IP blocks available for licensing are:

  • Pinnacle’s HDR block where video frames, conversion gain or exposures are recombined
  • Pinnacle’s world class Locally Adaptive Tone Mapping block

The Denali-MC HDR ISP was purposely designed to be a camera-ready, stand-alone HDR ISP, or it can provide HDR functionality within another primary ISP. Here’s why. Denali-MC accepts Bayer sensor data in, the Bayer data goes through Denali-MC’s HDR IP block first, then motion compensation and locally adaptive tone mapping blocks, and passes processed Bayer data back to the primary ISP.

The Denali-MC HDR ISP as an end-to-end HDR ISP or individual IP blocks can be delivered in Encrypted Net List form. For more information on this, inquire with the Pinnacle Support Team.

Each option has its own advantages and is priced accordingly. Pinnacle’s licensing affordability is unsurpassed and every customer is provided support options to ensure a successful handoff and implementation. For further details regarding support options, please contact a Pinnacle representative through the form below.

Custom development to your sensor and logic platform of choice is possible. Pinnacle’s Denali-MC HDR ISP, with limited development, can support 29 individual HDR capable image sensors, 12 different HDR modes and can be ported to the most widely used logic platforms.

Licensing Opportunities

If you are interested in discussing licensing and support options, please contact a Pinnacle support person via the form below. A dedicated support person will follow up and contact you.