Professional Technology Under The Hood With One-Click Capability


Since the beginning of High Dynamic Range processing, HDR applications have been applying the same, one-size-fits-all, tone mapping curve to all HDR merged files. But your HDR images are not like everyone else’s and wouldn’t it be great if your HDR application could analyze each of your individual HDR images and apply just the right amount of tone mapping for the best image possible? Unified Color’s Adaptive Tone Mapping does just that.


“Ghosts” can appear in your merged HDR images by objects that move between the frames of your different bracketed exposures. HDR Expose 3’s new key frame based de-ghosting algorithms allow you to choose the bracket exposure you want to use to isolate the moving objects in your set. The result is the smart and accurate elimination of ghosts.

Key Product Features

Same same adaptive tone mapping technology as our pro app HDR Expose
HDR tonemapping presets for when you want quick results or a great editing starting point
Merge, Alignment & De-ghosting algorithms so powerful that you can hand-hold your camera while making bracketed exposures
HDR Express 3 includes the “Gamma” control slider that allows the user to adjust the brightness of mid-tones and shadows while preserving highlight details.
Merge images up to 200% faster than in previous versions. Our new automatic and manual alignment algorithms are so powerful you’ll finally get great results merging hand-held bracketed images! This is HDR merging taken to the next level.
A 100% Beyond RGB workflow so that every action you perform from merging to editing to exporting happens completely in Pinnacle Imaging’s patented 32-bit Beyond RGB color space.