Turn A Snapshot Into Art

So often we come across an interesting landscape or cityscape and just start shooting. Just as often we return to our computers to find a troublesome power line, car or other distraction that kills the shot. In this tip Terry Eggers shows us how to combine HDR techniques and Photoshope CS5 to eliminate those distractions.

Here's Terry:

I captured three images to use in this HDR image which I show here in Adobe's asset manager Bridge. I generally work with three images captured at minus -2 stops, plus +2 stops and one image with the exposure right on. This spread of exposures allows for more detail in the shadows and the highlights. Then I merge and edit the images with HDR Express, my HDR package of choice.

In this example I've chosen to use the "Vivid" preset and then made some additional minor adjustments. I made adjustments to exposure and contrast and I've also adjusted the warmth slider to the left just a little. This is done to bring the color to what I remember the balance was.

Now I'll open Photoshop CS5 and this is when the fun begins. We'll be using the patch tool to make our selections.

Using the Patch Tool you can now draw a circle around the selected item to be removed. Then simply go to your task bar and under Edit pick out Fill. The next box will open. Under the contents box select Content Aware and under Blending the settings should be Mode, Normal and Opacity 100%. Then just hit OK and let Content Aware do its magic.

In the following recap image you can see the before and after images. How about that. You just transformed your image into a work of art minus some unwanted items.

Just a quick note in review, Make your selections small. This will allow the content aware to analyze smaller areas. I hope you enjoy working with both HDR Express and Photoshop to create your masterpieces.