HDR Express 2 Features

NEW Image Browser

When opening multiple files or single files you’ll see thumbnails of all the images in your selected folder in the new browser which, eliminates the guesswork when selecting photos by file name.

NEW Auto Stacking

When selecting multiple, bracketed photos to merge they’re often not in sequential order on your computer. Auto Stacking groups your bracketed photo files together for easy selection.

NEW Single Click Presets

HDR Express 2 takes the separate HDR Presets and HDR Styles from HDR Express and combines them into a single click, auto-merge function that speeds up your workflow and takes the guesswork out of HDR processing.

NEW Slideshow Feature

When you’re creating great HDR photos you’ll want to see them right now and large on your screen. The new slideshow feature presents your images in full-screen mode without having to leave HDR Express 2.

NEW Adaptive Tone Mapping

HDR Express 2 has a ton of new technology under thehood. Our new tone mapping algorithms easily handle those difficult highlight areas with improved color and contrast retention.

IMPROVED Merge & Alignment

Creating beautiful HDR photographs requires merging multiple, bracketed exposures of the same image. Many times we experience camera shake between exposures and our new algorithms give better results when creating a merged image file.

IMPROVED De-ghosting

When creating bracketed exposures of a critical scene we can experience object movement between
exposures. Our new de-ghosting technology vastly improves the rendering of these objects.

HDR Express 2

Fast & easy automatic HDR tone-mapping and halo elimination

$49upgrade price
upgrade if HDR Express purchased in the last 30 days.

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