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Inside With HDR Contest Winner - Part 1

Do you have an alter life? Stanley Klasz does and in that life he makes remarkable photographs. Klasz is the winner of the 2016 Pinnacle HDR Contest with his elegant image of the shore of Lake Ontario. He’s an Air Traffic Controller who has developed into a skilled and artful photographer on the side (we think he should shoot full time). He’s only been shooting for ten years. We asked Klasz about his shooting style, equipment and the details of his winning image. He had a lot to say.

The winning image which is now the main image on our homepage was made on the shore of Lake Ontario near Grimsby, Ontario. Klasz used an exposure of ten minutes, eight seconds at f8. This was a sunrise shot that contained a high dynamic range that he mitigated with the use of filters and in this particular shot multiple exposures. He compositionally placed the sun just outside of the frame to the camera right.

Processing of the image was accomplished with Pinnacle HDR Expose 3 using two base frames, manual alignment and deghosting and manual settings in the operations tab. Further processing was done in Photoshop CC.

Check back on the blog for more on Klasz’s equipment and travels. In the meantime you can see more of Klasz’s work on his website at

2016 HDR Contest Winner

Congratulations to Stanley Klasz for his fine entry in the 2016 HDR Contest. Check out the blog over the coming days and weeks for information about the winning photograph and how it was created. We'll also be announcing the Honorable Mention winners very soon.

One Week Remaining - HDR Contest!

There's only one week remaining to get your entry into the 2016 Pinnacle HDR Contest. It's easy and it's free! Do it today.

Unlike most photography contests, there is no fee to enter the contest. Hurry. Entries will be accepted until midnight October 30. Check out the contest details HERE.

Here's a nice entry we received from Don Coughlan that preserves highlights and uses HDR well to preserve shadow detail.

Pinnacle will be demonstrating New Video Technology at the Image Sensors Americas conference

Pinnacle Imaging Systems will be demonstrating two Ultra HDR video platforms at the Image Sensors Americas conference in Burlingame, CA Oct. 25th and 26th, showcasing a 120 dB HDR video reference kit and a 90 dB kit demonstrating Pinnacle’s advanced locally adaptive tone mapping block utilizing in-pixel HDR from a Fairchild HWK1910A sensor.

In addition, Pinnacle’s Dr. Igor Vanyushin, VP of R & D will be presenting Methodologies for Increasing Dynamic Range & the Impact on ADAS, Autonomous Driving, Commercial Drones, Intelligent Surveillance and Industrial Application.

Contest Entry - Check It Out

Here is a nicely crafted southwest scene from Brent Loe. We especially like how he used HDR to preserve the exposure, color and detail in the foreground.

Learn more about the contest here:

Nice Interior HDR

Interior photography can be really difficult because of the varying light sources. Here Frank Herzog's HDR Contest entry does a nice job balancing various interior light sources with natural light streaming in through the door. Nice!

Learn more about the contest here:

Natural And Elegant

We're really please to see very natural use of HDR in this year's HDR Contest entries. Here's a very elegant submission, again by Stanley Klasz.

Learn more about the contest here:

Details In The Night

This year's contestants in the 2016 HDR Contest have a really good handle on night HDR shooting. Here's a nice one from Graham Down. Graham used HDR Express with a 3-shot bracket. The subject is the view from the Old Bullring in Barcelona Spain.

Learn more about the contest here:

Cool Landscape

We're receiving some wonderful entries into the HDR Contest. Here's a nice landscape from Stanley Klasz.

Learn more about the contest here:

Great HDR Contest Entry

We're excited here at Pinnacle. Great entries are coming in for the 2016 Pinnacle HDR Contest. Here's some nice interior work by Jane Coelho that just came in today. Check our blog and Facebook pages for more work from contestants.

Learn more about the contest here:

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