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Nuurs Ortiz Interview - Part 3

For the last two days we've been running an interesting conversaion with Nuurs Ortiz, the winner of the Pinnacle Imaging Systems 2014 HDR Contest.

A native of Cuba who made his way to the U.S. in the year before the thawing of U.S./Cuban relations, Nuurs has made the jump from avid hobbyist to professional photographer since his contest win. In part three of the interview Nuurs shares advice on getting started in full-time photography.

Q: Nuurs, do you have any advice for photographers who want to shoot for a living?

A: Do a lot of research. Find another photographer who inspires you and do what they do. Go into forums and ask questions. Never assume you know a lot about something and don't be one of those ego maniacs who thinks they're better than others. In the meantime don't be so hard on yourself, have faith and learn to accept criticism and experiment.

You need to educate your eye so you can distinguish who is giving you useful criticism and who is just discouraging you. And trust me, people will put you down and they will try to make you change your mind. Just follow your heart and your passion. Show your work to your friends and family, enter contests and print your images. By doing this you will get inspired ask a local gallery if they will feature your work.

Also, do free work and you'll be surprised how many jobs can come from that. All that keeps you shooting and you will get better and better over time. Photography is somewhat like sports in that you need to practice every day in order to be in good shape. In the beginning it's difficult but with time and patience everything will come to you naturally. I can keep going and going but whatever I say will only make sense when you pick up your camera and start shooting.

We wish you the best of good fortune in your new career, Nuurs!

Interview Cont. - 2014 HDR Contest Winner Goes Pro

Yesterday we started a conversaion with Nuurs Ortiz, the winner of the Pinnacle Imaging Systems 2014 HDR Contest who has since established himself in professional real estate and architectural photography. Despite the difficulty, Nuurs got his start in photography in his native Cuba. He escaped the regime and made his way to the Miami area prior to the current detente.

Here's more of our conversation with Nuurs:

Q: I understand that you’re making a living off real estate photography now which is something many photographers would like to do. How are you using HDR in your work?

A: Yes. I'm a full time Real Estate photographer now. I use both strobes and HDR techniques in my work. My main concern is always those high contrasty windows and I'm always aiming to get a good exposure of the outside light while keeping the interior properly illuminated with strobes. Real estate photographers usually don't have the luxury of shooting when good light is available and some times don't have the space to hide the lights in small spaces. The the HDR technique is the solution. I try to not do it all the time but when I do I like to give to my images a more natural look and not overdo the photos that's why I love HDR Expose I can get the job done and not with that horrible HDR look.

Check back here tomorrow for the rest of our conversation with Nurrs

2014 HDR Contest Winner Goes Pro

We were thrilled to hear from 2014 HDR Contest winner Nuurs Ortiz that he's taken his photography to the next level and turned pro. Based in the Miami, FL area Nuurs has found a living working in the real estate and architectural markets. His knowledge of HDR photography is very valuable in this area of photography because of the need to tame huge differences in brightness levels.

Nuurs' personal story stands out because he is an imigrant from Cuba who arrived in the U.S. before the current detente. He's an example of all that is powerful about the drive of new arrivals to the U.S.

We had a chance to chat with Nuurs and find out how his life has changed in the last year.

UCT: You won the 2014 Pinnacle Imaging Systems HDR Contest with a fabulous photo of the Florida coastline that was so good we’ve run in on our homepage ever since. How has that image affected your photography?

Ortiz: This image changed my photography because it is an example of never giving up. A lot of crazy things happened on the way to that location like really fast changing weather, getting lost despite using a GPS and hiding our car from the police because parking is really restricted.

Finally we got into the beach and waited until the last rays of sunset and then the sky cleared. I remember that I did a lot of bracketed sets and I was not sure if I got something usable. I was a bit disappointed because my lens got wet but I never gave up.

When I arrived home and checked what I had in my computer I became exited because that particular image was the most beautiful one of the whole set. I have many more but that is may favorite. It showed me that when you have passion for what you do, when you love what you do and never give up everything is possible.

Check back here tomorrow for more of the conversation with Nuurs and more of his images

Get In On the 2015 HDR Contest

We're excited about the quality of the images we're receiving in for the 2015 Pinnacle Imaging Systems HDR Contest. Here is a beautiful image by Sankar Raman of a flower field just after sunset. Nicely done Sankar.

Keep those entries coming in! Check out the details at the contest page.

Still Time!

There is still time to submit your entry into the 2015 Pinnacle Imaging Systems HDR Contest for the chance to win a $500 B&H Gift Card. Check out the contest page for details.

Don't forget. It's FREE to enter.

Here's a nice recent entry from Mark Tamosiunas.

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