SI's Simon Bruty Packs For Rio Olympics

The Olympics are in full swing and incredible photographs are pouring in from every news outlet from NBC to the NY Times to even political outlets like the Huffington Post. There's a lot to be learned from the seasoned photographers who have been sent to cover the games and few photographers have the pedigree of Sports Illustrated's Simon Bruty. Here's a great article on the PetaPixel website detailing the five plus bags of equipment Bruty needs to get his job done.

The Story Behind A Wonderful, Traditionally Lit Image

We love Joe McNally's work here at Pinnacle. Even though we focus on high dynamic range imaging it's always great to see a well-let traditional photograph being created. It's especially great when Joe does it. Check this out on Joe's blog.

Avoid The National Park Lemmings

It's mid-summer and you're on the way to a National Park with your gear to make great photos. In your mind are the ubiquitous images of the iconic scenes like the Hoodoos in Bryce NP, Delicate Arch in Arches NP and Half Dome from Glacier Point in Yosemite NP.

In the back of your mind you're saying that the trip is a success if you replicate those exact images. Yes, make those photos but don't stop there. There's so much more to shoot and you won't be hounded by tons of tourists you find in the parks this time of year. Here's a great article by pro Ben Horton that will push your inspiration when shooting in a National Park.

Positioning Strobes With Drones

Drone photography is hot right now for the obvious reason that you can get fantastic aerial photos while avoiding the high cost of plane rental. But, what if you used a drove to put your strobe lights where you never could before? That's unique and worth reading about. Click the image to read this great dpReivew story.

Here's A Contest You Want To Enter

It's time to break out your best work and plan a submission to the esteemed Magnum photo agency's 70th anniversary photo competition "The Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2016". Click to be taken to the website.

It Costs $7,500 And It Just May Be Worth It

Any lover of B&W photography knows the look that only a film on paper photograph can give you. Yes, inkjet printers are getting very, very close to creating that look but now the limitation is the camera. The B&W images produced by even today's top-of-the-line DSLRs can leave you wanting to dig in your storage boxes and and pull out that old Nikkormat or FM2.

Now, however, there just may be a camera and lens combination that delivers the goods. It is the Leica M Monochrome and it sells for the equivalent of an Antarctic photo trip. Click on either photo below to read the full story in Tech Insider.

Is There An Advantage To Manual Focus?

There sure is. There is a way to set the focal length and focus of your prime lens so that everything between predetermined distance ranges will be in focus. Many photographers who learned their craft in the days of manual everything cameras know this technique as “hyper-focal focusing”. The technique works for all forms of photography and it’s especially useful in situations where the subjects are quickly changing as in event and street photography. The technique is simple and really works. Check out this feature by Tokyo-based photographer Lukasz Polka on how to do it.

The New HDR News Is Here!

Pinnacle Announces New Video Technology

We've been busy! We recently announced Ultra HDR™ IP cores and high dynamic range video capture technology. With the licensing of our HDR technology, we're porting our capture technology, proven in HDR Expose, HDR Express and 32 Float, to embedded solutions for HDR video capture.

Check out our

for the details. You can also get deep about our new video technology by visiting our UltraHDR Video website at or just click on the image.

Winter Sales Ends - Great HDR Continues

Our Winter 2016 Special just ended causing many photographers new to HDR to be on their way to making great photos. We were searching for some inspiring images today and found this nice one in the HDR section of Flickr by Jean Clavet. Click on the photo to go to his Flickr post.

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