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We're always on the hunt for great photographers. This week we found Max Rive on Google+. Visit his Facebook page

See Our Pano Assist Feature In Action

Our Pano Assist Batch Processing mode in HDR Expose 3 makes the time-consuming process of managing the creation of HDR panoramas faster and easier. V.P. of marketing at Pinnacle Imaging Systems John Omvik takes you through the new feature in this informative video.


Sometimes the old Rodney Dangerfield line comes to mind; "I tell ya, I just don't get no respect...". Certainly, this wonderful image by Sankar Raman that was entered in the 2015 HDR Contest could have used more respect. We provide that respect now by highlighting it and saying "Well Done!"

Interview With Vic Moss - 2015 HDR Contest Winner

"Without HDR Expose, I just wouldn’t be able to get the images I need for my clients."

Vic Moss is a prolific, working arcitectural photographer based in Denver, CO. He creates compositionally beautiful and technically superior images for his commercial and residential clients. Vic employs HDR techniques heavily in his work and his results are inspiring. We caught up with him in the middle of a working trip and he gave us an insight into his art and business.

Here's Vic:

UCT: Vic, congratulations again on winning this year's HDR contest. Can you tell us how your location in Denver affects your work?
Moss: Obviously, the winter months are quite limiting for exterior photography, but I’m blessed in that I also have a number of national clients. Denver is a centrally located city, and I can get just about anywhere in the country in less than 4 hours.

UCT: What kind of lighting challenges do architecture and corporate photography present that are not present in landscape or news photography?

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